SEO company in Trichy

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SEO company in Trichy


our Guaranteed SEO Services reflects our confidence and expertise in ranking websites on major search engines (Google Yahoo! and MSN). BrainPulse guarantees our SEO services with our 100 percent money back guarantee. This means that we will return your money if we fail to deliver on our promises regarding our SEO services. It is proportional to the amount of keyword delivery we have not provided as per our contract. 

SEO is complex and requires a thorough understanding of their components and how they function. SEO, in short, is essential because it makes your site more visible and gives you more chances to convert prospects into customers.

SEO optimization: How effective?




70% marketers consider SEO more efficient than PPC. Google’s advertising services have been used by more than 1.3 million websites, businesses, and non-profits across the country. 61% of marketers believe that improving SEO and growing organic presence are their top priorities inbound marketing.



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SEO elements is the target keywords
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The best strategy for all your link building

SEO company in Trichy

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Price Plans

For SEO we have only one plan we promise you within 3 months your website visible on google search results. Here you can see details our work is very transparent 

Checklist part 1

must we will do every web site
20000 montly
  • Keyword
  • Local Keyword
  • competitor analysis
  • website audit
  • Meta tag optimization
  • Title tag optimization
  • Meta tag optimization
  • robot.tex implementation
  • Favicon
  • SSl certificate
  • XML map implementation
  • content optimization
  • Google analytics setup

Checklist part 2

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0 Monthly
  • Google my business
  • 5 to 10 Blog post
  • Back link
  • index url
  • google console setup
  • schema markup
  • google rich result
  • Social media share
  • image seo
  • Page speed up
  • citation
  • internal link
  • Ecommerce seo

Got a Question?


It depends on how competitive your industry is, but most clients typically see results in 3-6 months depending on your industry

Yes, I have. Ask me about my clients that I’ve ranked #1.

Yes, I do, 

Yes you can! I have a skype consultation pack which is visible once you select the order button for any package. This can be used to discuss your site, business, pre-site building steps, optimizing your site further, discussing what is in the SEO action plan and much more

Yes. I have a security pack specifically for this. This option can be selected when you select any package and be added to your order

My approach to off-page SEO includes a range of effective techniques that enhance your online presence and build your websites’ authority, by developing a strong backlink portfolio. I use only links and domains that proved their effectiveness in improving my clients rank.

About Us

We are a social marketing company. We have over 10 years of experience with digital marketing, seo and digital media.

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100% money back guarantee

If your website does not rank in the first three pages of Google within three to six months, you will receive a full refund.