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The Top 7 Most Visited Websites in the World

The Top 7 Most Visited Websites in the World

If you’re searching for an overview of the hundred most visited websites then you’re at the right spot. There’s a reason why these websites draw millions of people each day. Despite the massive popularity of the Internet laptops are still making an important portion of the internet’s population. This means that the vast majority of users don’t even use a substantial proportion of the websites listed that are listed. But there are still sites that attract millions of people every single day.


The top 100 websites around the world are expanding at a rapid rate. In order for the list to be true, websites need to have more than 350 million visits per month. Google’s top ten list needs approximately 350 million monthly visitors. But, the list indicates that social media like Facebook as well as Twitter continue to grow in importance. This list includes most popular search engines like Google, Baidu, and Yandex. Video streaming is now an a major component of the internet’s use.

The top websites are ranked according to the average daily number of visitors in addition to monthly pages viewed. The website with the best combination of both indicators is awarded the top spot. Google is a prime example. was the top choice in nearly every nation. Google’s 11 domains, comprising YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia along with Google International, racked up more than 90 billion views within the course of a month. However, not all websites can be equally popular. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were all listed in the top ten.


It’s not a any surprise then that YouTube is one of the 100 most popular sites around the globe. With more than 2 billion active users per month and more than billion hours worth of videos watched each day, it’s become the most popular source of information and entertainment. It is estimated that the average American adult spends between 11 mins and 24 secs every day on YouTube, and this figure rises by two-thirds in the younger age group. Furthermore, YouTube is the most popular video sharing website around the globe and has nearly 90 percent of people making use of the site.

YouTube users YouTube are varied. Males comprise 53.9 percent of the worldwide viewers, and females account for 46.1 percent. The median age is 24 years old and 37 percent of YouTube users consume videos every day. YouTube receives over one billion visitors per day, and has a record one billion uploaded videos daily. YouTube is also among the most visited websites for children, receiving around nine hours videos watched each day.


Presently, Facebook ranks among the most visited websites around the world. It is a massive site and is accessible in more than 111 languages. Around 58 minutes per each day is spent using the site by an most common US user. Its market value is estimated to be $750 billion. Despite the immense popularity of Facebook however, some critics believe that its future is uncertain. But, the website continues to grow and is poised to continue expanding.

It was also disclosed the fact that Facebook is home to more than 100 billion users each month. Facebook recently changed its name to Meta. YouTube for instance, boasts more than 1.2 trillion monthly visitors. It is the most popular site for video content as per Facebook has been used by almost 50% of the world’s population. This is a remarkable figure considering it’s just one site. However, despite its massive scale, Facebook still remains among the top 100 sites.


One of the top 100 most visited websites is Reddit with over 700 million users every month. It’s also considered to be the primary page on the Internet with more than 66 percent of its traffic being via the United States. Reddit is the most frequented site in the world with more than 150 million visitors per day as well as forty million searches in addition to 1.7 billion posts. Whatever your subject there is something fascinating to discuss on Reddit.

According to Reddit data, the site has more than 52 million active users, and on average, 45 different pages read per visit. It also has the majority of male users which is around 15 percent of visitors being male. Despite the gender gap Reddit has had a huge impact on the online community and is growing every day. Reddit is a powerful social media tool for businesses as well as those who are looking for entertainment.


The most popular sites are those that get billions of visitors each month. While laptops and smartphones still dominate the internet however, the majority of the sites listed aren’t utilized by the majority of users. However, the top 100 sites have millions of monthly visitors. They are among the most significant websites available on the internet in the present. What are they in common? Let’s look.

Google has been declared the supreme king of the Internet and is the top of the list across nearly every nation on earth. Facebook along with YouTube are two of the other businesses on the list with high rankings. Google obviously is the undisputed leader in search with eleven websites making it into one of the 100 most popular sites. It also contains Facebook and YouTube which are two of Google’s affiliate websites. Alongside these websites, there are a number of other websites that are well-known and attract millions of users.


Below is a list of the 100 top most popular websites in the world. The lists are compiled by their average monthly and daily pageviews. To make the list, a website must attract at the minimum of 350 million monthly users. Top 100 US websites are split into four categories including social networks, search engines shopping, media, and. Google was named the most popular website in the US according to the number of visits. Other websites that are popular are YouTube, Wikipedia, and Amazon.

YouTube has been able to gain two positions in this year’s rankings and its numbers are remarkable. YouTube has more than 30 million unique users each day, as well as uploads over 300 minutes of videos each minute. The number of viewers growing at a rapid rate, and it is expected that the most popular websites will be hosting more than one billion users in the next year. This figure will only rise as more websites are added to the top of the list. This list, however, is not inclusive of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


The e-commerce platform Shopify was created in 2004 to serve as an online store for snowboarding equipment. A computer programmer by trade, Lutke created the platform that was initially used to build snowboarding websites. The platform’s popularity grew,, and it has evolved to encompass more than snowboarding websites. The total revenue of the year 2018 reached $1.073 billion, which is an up 73% compared to 2016.

Shopify’s customers range from start-ups to multi-million-dollar businesses and its data show that the program is utilized by numerous successful companies. Hawkers as well as Gymshark have utilized Shopify to establish their online stores. prominent brands like Tesla, Nestle, and Budweiser have utilized the platform to develop e-commerce websites that generate billions dollars of revenue each year.

A recent survey has revealed that Shopify is one of the top-selling websites in the world. The user base of Shopify is extremely targeted and fashion-focused with a focus on clothing and jewelry. Other categories that are popular include shoes and bags. Shopify has a hefty market capacity and its growth is continuing to grow. In Q2 of 2020 the number of stores built using its software increased by 71 percent. This is evident by the company’s share market value.


There are many different methods to determine the amount of users who visit a website. The most popular approach is to check Alexa statistics, which displays that the 100 most popular websites based on traffic. It can also tell you which parent companies manage each website , as well as the industry they support. Netflix is a website Netflix is at the top spot due to its popularity and user-friendliness. But Netflix has not given this data for several years.

“Top Ten on Netflix,” also known as the “Top 10 on Netflix” ranking is regularly updated it ranks and categorizes the highest watched films and TV shows based on the number of hours they have been watched. In alphabetical order this chart shows what shows were most popular in each nation over the last 28 days. While the list isn’t specific to any country, it provides an idea of the needs of Netflix customers. The charts that Netflix has created are a vital source for anyone looking to discover new programming.

Most Visited Websites in the World

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