The 20 Best HTML Fonts to Use in 2022

The 20 Best HTML Fonts to Use in 2022

One of the top-selling HTML fonts available, Times New Roman is still the top choice for business that is used for official media, news publications as well as educational websites. Another well-known HTML font to consider is Helvetica that has a clear, clean design and is employed by a variety of famous brands. BMW, Microsoft, and Jeep all employ Helvetica to represent their brands. It’s also utilized in tax forms, such as US Treasury’s tax returns.

TT Arlen

TT Arlen is a catchy sans-serif typeface that is ideal for headlines and for branding. Its large apertures and its humanist grotesque design are appealing and add a playful style. It is also a versatile style, making it an ideal option for print as well as digital projects. Its flexibility makes it an ideal choice for web design as well as print media.

For branding, you can consider the sans-serifs with rounded edges that were utilized earlier. Today they are a reflection of the shift towards a more minimalist design. Although they were once reserved for kid-oriented items, the fonts of today achieve the perfect balance of geometric design and a naivete that is friendly. They also aid accessibility to visually impaired readers. Alongside being attractive they also look great when used in logos and text.

TT Arlen includes six fonts that include a variably font inspired by stone inscriptions found in the Basilica di Santa Croce in Florence. The family includes the grotesque typeface TT Ricordi Marmo. It was inspired by the stone inscriptions found in the Basilica di Santa Croce in Florence. The family contains Resist Sans, a neo-grotesque and geometric sans Okta which is available in different weights and styles.


FreeLine HTML font has a vibrant, imaginative typeface that works well in headlines as well as branding for the technology as well as aviation and automotive sectors. This font can be downloaded to downloading in TrueType (.ttf) in addition to OpenType (.otf) file formats. It includes a large character set. This font has capital letters that are bold and bold as well as unique linear features It is also available in a variety of shades. It is possible to use it to design your own logo, title or even your website’s headers.

FreeLine has a crisp elegant and stylish style that is great for branding designs, logos titles, headers, as well as other innovative projects. The font’s futuristic style with geometric patterns make it an suitable choice for businesses in the field of technological advancement and high-tech fields. When you’re developing magazines or websites, FreeLine has the perfect style for your needs. We’ll take a closer review of its features:


Acumin is a sans-serif typeface created by Robert Slimbach, has been released by Adobe in the year 2015. It comes in nine widths, five widths weights, and italics that match. It offers a vast array of choices, including a variety of colors. It also has won many awards and is currently among the top 20 HTML fonts that you can utilize in 2022.

FreeLine is a contemporary serif font that is distinctive in its style. The FreeLine font family comes with an array of letters, and is flexible enough to use in headlines or branding, as well as large banners. Contrary to many serif fonts FreeLine is highly legible even in all-caps. It’s also multilingual , and has characters that aren’t English.

Courier New

It is the Courier New HTML Font has been utilized in many areas from publishing to academic research. It’s a version of Courier which has more inclined to ramp and dipandang. It is commonly described as an typewriter font, and it is frequently utilized by the academic and media communities. Although it doesn’t have the same amount of characters set like Courier but it’s an excellent choice for many different reasons.

The default font on a lot of electronic devices Courier New is the default font on many electronic devices. Courier New does not have the weight and visual appeal of ink ribbons for typewriters. It has an enhancement that makes it easier to read on screens due to ClearType rendering technology. The Courier family also includes New Italic as well as Bold. The Courier font has been popular for many years and is a breeze to use. If you are planning to utilize it for some important work It is recommended to think about using a modern font like Verdana, Arial, or Georgia.

To use it, you must to be aware of the CSS syntax. If you are using the syntax of ‘css’ you need to include a font family attribute. The attribute should have the exact same font for Lucida Console, and Courier New. The first option shows texts in Lucida console format, and the second option shows the text in Courier New. The font’s name is myFont. The name should be enclosed with quotation marks.


The contemporary typeface is easily readable , with ample space between characters. The thin strokes and vibrant colors create an attractive elegant look which is appropriate for headlines and body text. It also comes with modern style that’s appropriate for casual typography styles. Apart from its vast selection of possibilities, Candara is also compatible with the most well-known operating systems and browsers.

It is the Arial font has the distinction of being one of the popular sans-serif font available on the internet. It was designed originally for printers who would like to use Helvetica without paying fees for licensing. Similar to the other fonts of the family, this one has great legibility across all sizes. This font is great for web pages and other applications using digital technologies. Arial Black is a font that can be used for websites and other digital applications. Arial range of fonts are available to use on all major platforms. The Arial black font is an bold font that is perfect for headings, accented text, and other decorative texts.

Another font that is well-known that is popular is Times New Roman. It was created for use on news media as well as educational sites. The thin letters and light stroke weight make it simple to read. The consistency of its height and width makes it ideal for headings, and text for paragraphs. It is compatible with all devices and forms part of the Geneva font family. Its excellent legibility and uniform spacing of letters makes it among the top HTML fonts that you can use in 2022.


Optima is a stylish sans serif typeface that mixes the beauty of classical Roman capital letters and contemporary style. It is available in three weights, with one that is bold for headlines. It’s available in several languages and has uppercase numbers, lowercase, and punctuation. Optima is a favorite option for editorial, display or blog layout. Optima is a flexible typeface which can be utilized to brand logos.

The look and feel of Optima is what makes it one of the top HTML fonts to be released in 2022. The lowercase and uppercase and g characters are both two-story that makes them clear and distinct. The typeface isn’t limiting in the white space that is created between text lines. It allows it to draw attention to the text, while maintaining the appearance of a minimal style.

Alongside Optima There are a variety of other fonts that are popular are worth a look. Arial for instance, is a serif font, and is an ideal option for text with small sizes. Arial was designed specifically to look like Helvetica and is widely employed on film and television screens. Although it’s a commercial font there are some fonts that are accessible for download for no cost.

DM Sans

DM Sans is a low-contrast geometric sans serif which supports the Latin Extended glyph set. It was created in collaboration with Colophon Foundry in the United Kingdom and is licensed under the Open Font License. It is available in three weights and has an italic that is matched. It’s a great option for websites and other documents in which readability is the top priority.

This scalable, web-safe font is ideal for small-to-medium-sized print. Its consistent, clean design makes it ideal for headlines and is included with Apple as well as Microsoft devices. Its rounded corners as well as uniform letterforms make it an ideal option for typography on screen. IKEA is a well-known Swedish furniture manufacturer, employs it in their catalogs that are printed.

Exo 2 is another geometric sans serif font that is perfect for headers as well as other technical websites. Its retro-styled video game appearance is ideal for websites. The designer of the font decided to improve Exo 2 in 2013, and launched Exo 2 to the public. The font remains ideal to use for a wide range of purposes such as displaying images or making headers.

The 20 Best HTML Fonts to Use in 2022

The 20 Best HTML Fonts to Use in 2022

The 20 Best HTML Fonts to Use in 2022

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